Zuri Wedding Planner

Congratulations on embarking on your journey to a beautiful wedding at ZURI Zanzibar. We are thrilled to help you plan your special day. Kindly share your preferences and details in the form below, and we will provide an indicative quote for the enchanting celebration you have always dreamed of.

Please select your preferences in the form below with the help of our WEDDING BROCHURE (HERE). Each section below refers to specific page as highlighted.

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Accommodation & Attendance of Guests

The estimate provided for your wedding event at our hotel does not encompass the cost of accommodations for your guests. However, we require that a minimum of 50% of the attending guests choose to stay at our hotel. Accommodation arrangements for these guests are to be made directly with our reservations team as part of the wedding planning process.

In the case of booking a villa for the wedding event location, the bride and groom must book a villa for the duration of their selected nights stay.

Wedding Planner Estimate Disclaimer

The estimate presented on this page serves as an initial calculation based on the information provided. It includes costs associated with the venue, catering, and essential services. It is important to note that this estimate is not an exhaustive representation of the final pricing. The actual cost may vary based on specific requirements, additional services, and any changes made during the course of planning with our team.

Service Charge

Please note 5% service charge will be added to your food, beverages and wedding package. The charge is optional and can be removed upon request at check-out.