1. A TOURIST-FREE ZANZIBAR. Experience the authentic atmosphere of the Spice Island exactly as it looked 20 years ago and see the real face of an African island.

2. Zanzibar is one of the only equatorial destinations open. Whilst Bali, Thailand and Australia are closed for travellers, ZANZIBAR IS OFFICIALLY A COVID-19 FREE DESTINATION, welcoming travellers from all around the world.

3. Travel without restrictions. NO NEGATIVE COVID CERTIFICATE is required upon arrival, unless specified by your country of departure or airline company.

4. Flying with QATAR, EMIRATES, KLM, ETHIOPIAN OR TURKISH AIRLINES feels as good as ever before. The only differences are the empty airports and mandatory masks and shields which help to protect you from many other diseases.

5. Escape any airport chaos upon arrival by booking the VIP AIRPORT LOUNGE that is used for government officers. Everything will be taken care of for you until you get into your private car and travel directly to the hotel.

6. Take a smooth and comfortable drive. The main road to the northern part of Zanzibar has recently been successfully repaired which means that ZURI IS NOW ACCESSIBLE WITHIN A 1 HOUR DRIVE FROM THE AIRPORT.

7. The Zuri is ideal for social distancing. With its large area of individually built units and OPEN-SPACE AREAS WITH UNLIMITED FRESH AIR, Zuri Zanzibar is the answer to the new age of travelling.

8. The Zuri team has taken all the COVID-19 PREVENTATIVE MEASURES seriously, however, apart from masks and disinfection you won’t notice any difference. Maybe that is the reason why Zuri has a 3 times higher occupancy rate than the surrounding (open) hotels.

9. ZURI KEEPS ITS GUESTS’ FEEDBACK RANKING high, even during these challenging times.

10. This is the ideal place for your Covid-19 escape, whether you are looking for A ROMANTIC HOLIDAY OR A LONG-TERM STAY COMBINED WITH A BEACH OFFICE. Get inspired by our special offers at www.zurizanzibar.com/special-offers.